US TV channel apologizes for showing Istanbul as Greek territory

CBS News graphic falsely identified Istanbul, Turkiye’s largest city, as Greek territory

US television channel CBS on Wednesday sent a letter of apology to Turkey for falsely identifying Istanbul, the country’s largest city, as part of Greece in a recent report about Russian warships crossing the Strait of Turkey.

“This graph which incorrectly showed that Istanbul was part of Greece and not Turkey, was rectified once we became aware of the error,” the CBS administration said in the letter to the public. Turkish Communications Directorate.

He added that the channel would review its broadcasting processes to avoid such errors in the future.

The news division of CBS, one of America’s four major television networks and once home to such revered journalists as Walter Cronkite, has always been its crown jewel.

On Tuesday, Fahrettin Altun, head of the Communications Branch, protested the network’s mistake, saying he hoped it was an “honest mistake” and demanding an apology.

“We hereby protest your organization’s misrepresentation of Turkey’s borders – which we hope was an honest mistake – officially and unequivocally,” he wrote in a letter.

“We expect your organization to take the necessary steps to prevent a similar mistake from happening in the future and to refrain from taking any action that could call into question the territorial integrity of our county. as well as an apology for yesterday’s events.”

In recent years, Turkey has resisted Greek encroachment on its territory in the Aegean, and the government is quick to react against any map seen as stripping it of its rightful rule.

– Ukrainian War and Montreux Convention

As the Russian-Ukrainian war nears its second week, Turkiye has worked to clarify issues surrounding the implementation of the Montreux Convention governing the Turkish Strait.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Russia wanted to transit four warships in the Black Sea last week, but three of them were not registered at sea home bases Black. “We told Russia not to send these ships. And Russia told us that these ships would not cross the strait,” he said.

The Montreux Convention of 1936 gives Turkey the power to restrict the passage of warships through the Turkish Straits in times of war.

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