The world’s new fishing robot is about to reach maximum level

Fishing robots have been a problem in the New World since day one, and now one of them has been working there for so long that he’s almost a master.

New World Fishing Bot up to level 60

New world is the MMORPG offered by Amazon Games, and its life has been difficult to say the least so far. Despite all the promises the game keeps and all the players who are just trying to make the best Paladin they can be, other players are exploiting the game and lots of bugs.

There are all kinds of problems with New world right now, from its economic woes to duplication and exploitation to players taking advantage of its guild system to steal from other players. Almost from the start, however, there was a noticeable bot issue, and it got pretty extreme.


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Bots are everywhere in New world, monopolizing the resources that players might get. To be precise, bots are accounts created for a single purpose and executed by a script that causes them to do one thing over and over. Examples are mining robots and crafting robots, but fishing robots are very important. These robots monopolize many fishing sites and can obtain rare fish more easily than players. It got so bad New world the players used the wildlife to fight the bots. But at least one bot has persevered enough to, as of this article, almost hit level 60.

Said bot fishes in Olympus, at a specific place, every hour of every day that he can get away with. Due to the way XP is distributed in New world, this bot must have been fishing for a very long time to reach level 55. Players commented on how they knew about the bot in question, with a comment saying it appeared to have disappeared, hopefully banned. Other comments talk about the difficulty of banning bots because New world still has a mass ratio problem, and bans against bots are difficult to enforce at the best of times.

Other players have shared similar stories, including that of a lumberjack bot that reached level 40, receiving a birthday party from the server he was on. Until the reporting system improves, New world players find creative ways to deal with bots.

Of course, even if these bots are treated, they are one of the many issues that plague New world. The bugs are still significant and have led to both minor and major issues. Hopefully from now on they’re as benign as finding fish in a patch of grass, but only time will tell for sure.

New world is available for PC.

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