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It is heartening to have feedback from guests and viewers to say that through Marbella Now they are not only getting a broader view of the possibilities of creating income and a richer social life, but also a better understanding of our city and all that our town hall has to offer its international residents.

This week’s show, #MN346, also covers the issue of scammers and the diversity of approach to scamming. Having been head buyer for a group of department stores at the time, no one would think that Lynda Woodin could have been the victim of such duplicity, twice. She wants to share these experiences because the tenacity of these people to evoke fear and make us follow instructions when we are in total panic or appeal to our feeling that “anything is possible” to make us transfer funds for a rental deposit, blind, is undeniable.

It is also important to know, in my humble opinion, at least a few words of Spanish if you live here. Certainly languages ​​are not the strong point of the Briton, but with Ana Bruno it’s a whole different experience. Her private lessons for all ages focus on basic conversation skills rather than grammar and verbs and she is so creative and cheerful that you will be surprised at how much you learn while thoroughly enjoying the process.

Daviënn Sträter, an equally imaginative young intern, helps us discover new places to visit, bringing us his restaurant reviews of the places he likes the most.

Making the most of an unexpected situation, Massimo Cedrini, artist and owner of the Excellence Art Gallery and its curator, Giuseppe Carnevale. The building that housed their chic art café mix with an ever-changing exhibition of local artists was sold and their contract was not renewed.

Despite everything, business continues and the gallery is still very much alive, although they have not yet found a new “home”. It’s inspiring to hear how they brought such a positive touch to what for most would be insurmountable.

Additionally, this week I have included a tribute to Stephen Brooksbank who was behind the creation of Age Concern Marbella, but sadly passed away in 2020; devastating news and a great loss to all who knew him. This annual walk along the San Pedro promenade, his favorite “paseo”, seems like the perfect tribute; followed by lunch to reminisce and share memories.

You will love María Maganto who volunteers at the Marbella Rugby Club. Having started her son in rugby a few years ago, she has become more and more involved, recognizing the overall benefits not only for her son but also for the family unit. I too was surprised when I went to the club for the similarity to what one would expect in the UK, if not better: grass pitches, a clubhouse, teams of all ages and a atmosphere in which you just want to spend time.

PS. You can watch Marbella Now on RTV Marbella or online – I hope you’ll join us. • •

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