Tackle World Fishing Report September 2, 2022

Moruya River.

With glanders in fairly high concentrations from the upper tidal range to the mid and lower sections, fishing at Moruya has been slow this past week. The lower section still saw some smaller salmon and the small working areas of the cutters, from the quarry wharf to the bass itself. There were a few flatheads in the lower sections, but with the cold water it took maximum effort to catch a few fish.

The rock wall along Preddy’s wharf and in the hole in the wall has the potential for a few bream and trevally to hang along it. The reworked soft plastics in and along the wall can peel them off for those with boats or kayaks.

With spring now in the air, we are waiting for warmer air and water temperatures to kickstart the system.

Above the tidal line, bass begin to return to freshwater sections after their winter breeding cycle. I managed 2 very oily healthy fish last weekend on TT Striker spinner baits. Both fish were over 45cm after measuring the length of the head of the net to get a better ideal of the overall size. On the way out I spooked about 3 other fish which would have all been 40-45cm. The early season base is where it is for me, with all of my big guys hitting the net at this time of year. Bring the heat of summer and the action to the surface!!

Turos River.

Tuross was also a little quiet last week. I haven’t heard if he is suffering from the same snot as Moruya at the moment. Although flatheads are still captured here, the numbers are still very low compared to the usual reports we get from this system. However, Tuross will be the first system to start with the flathead bite, as it has vast flat systems that have darker, muddy substrate. This dark surface retains heat faster and therefore the water temperature warms up faster than other areas. We should only be a few weeks away from the start of the flathead bite.

For the bass guys, start looking towards the lower cool section of the system as the post-spawn fish move upstream. The same can be said for the Clyde system north of us.

Rock and Beach.

I’ve had mixed reports from the beach and rock face crews this week. Some guys get a lot, some get nothing. Perseverance is the key here. A good indicator if Moruya breakwater fishing will be the number of anglers on the wall. Many = better than average chance of catching fish, none = none at all! Think of anglers as a school of feeder birds, activity is usually a sign of activity. Check the Moruya bar cam to see if the wall is active if you want to give it a crack.

At sea.

Snappers continue to be reported in 30-40m of water during the day, while they have also been reported in as little as 15m of water in the morning. Flathead, although a bit small, has been reported in 15-20m of water along most sandy bottom areas.

As for game teams, I haven’t had any reports this week. Looking at the sea surface temperatures, there appears to be the start of a warm current running down the coast. Only a matter of time now!

Stay safe everyone and remember, “everyday a good day for fishing…”

The Tackle World Moruya team.

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