Tackle World Fishing Report October 21, 2022

Moruya River.

This week has seen the river clean up dramatically as we haven’t had any significant rainfall to smear the system, this will most likely change with the rainfall hitting us over the next 4-5 days. Towards the front of the system there have been a good number of salmons, tailors and flatheads from the airport flats to beyond the quarry wharf. If you are fishing around Preddy’s Wharf and the Hole in the Wall, remember to take pictures of the signs that are posted at the hole and report them to NSW Waterways. These signs shouldn’t be there, and Waterways seems to be dragging their feet to remove them. Below the town bridge there were some nice flatheads on the flats in the middle of the river as well as some bream. Snappy clamps are always a good option here, as are soft plastics molded from the deck itself.

With bad weather already starting to set in today, we can expect the river to get dirty by the weekend, so the wet weather mantra will return! Fish low, fish deep! The lower parts of the systems and the deeper holes.

Turos River.

There were some good fish caught throughout the Tuross system this week due to the minimal rainfall we experienced. A good number of flatheads, breams and strange mulloways have been taken throughout the vast system that is Tuross.

But, with rain already falling and expected this weekend into early next week, we can expect gains in water clarity to be lost to dirty water which is expected to bring down the system.

Fish the lower sections of the river, targeting the deepest holes. Offshore water temperatures begin to rise towards the 20 degree mark, making rising tides a better option for fishing.

Oily baits will be the best solution to dirty water, as will lures that are likely to make noise.

Rock and beach.

With the predicted surge of dirty water coming from this weekend’s rain, beaches and breakwaters close to the outflows should have a few predatory fish this weekend. Salmon, Tailor, the odd mulloway, and the possibility of the odd shark working on the edges of dirty water can kick beach and rock fishing up a notch.

With the warmer currents pushing along the coast, we can expect to see some nice bream and whiting appear in the gutters near the shore. Get some live claws or live or frozen worms, and fish nearby for some nice fish. Keep an eye on the swell this weekend as Saturday appears to push the 4m mark, before dropping on Sunday and then rising on Monday. The beater becomes a real tempting option with a little fuss, just make sure the rock platform you intend to fish is safe to do so.

At sea.

Reports of snappers and flathead guys have been a little light this week, and I don’t see too many boaters pushing through 4m swells this weekend and strong winds. If you plan to go out, make sure the bar you intend to cross is to do so.

Water temperatures are starting to warm up, so we’ll start to see species that like warmer water start biting more often. We can expect the number of offshore flatheads to start to increase, along with a few trevallies chasing bait on the new reef just offshore.

If the weather is a determining factor in whether or not to go out this weekend, come visit us in store and discover the new arrivals that are accumulating little by little. As I type this, Atomic’s new Real Baitz has literally just been delivered. Keep an eye on our social networks or come see them yourself this weekend.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “everyday is a good day for fishing…”

Moruya world tackle team.

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