Tackle World Fishing Report April 14, 2021

Moruya River.

This week’s report is a day early to allow anyone visiting the area to prepare the right oil for tomorrow’s fishing.

With good breezes and sunny days, the wet ground quickly begins to dry out. This will make conditions much more comfortable ahead of Easter this weekend.

The river unfortunately always flows on the dirty side.

My advice to any family looking to get out and fish this weekend is to try the areas around the airport on the north side of the river and Preddy’s Wharf on the south side. Oily mullet fillet baits will be the best option with the kids this weekend. First, it’s very pick resistant, which means mom or dad will spend less time re-baiting hooks, and being oily, it has a good built-in attractant.

Expect to still be able to find flathead, sea bream and trevally in all of these areas. As for the tide, the upper half of the tide will allow cleaner ocean currents to enter the river, improving conditions for finding a fish or two.

Turos River.

Tuross is in a similar state to Moruya this weekend, he has a much bigger mouth right now which allows for a greater dirty water turnover rate. This means he will clear faster than Moruya. Tuross will fish better from the main boat launch to the boathouses and even up to four lanes this weekend. Flathead, Trevally Bream and Luderick can all be encountered in this lower half of the river areas. Mullet fillet for flathead and bream, while worms, claws will work for trevally and Luderick.

The middle and upper areas will always be very dirty, making it difficult to find fish, to say the least.

Rock and Beach.

Salmon and Tailor are readily available at most beaches this week, with some good beaters on the rocks. The Moruya breakwall continues to produce fish, with sea bream, trevally, flathead salmon and tailfish all taken from the wall this week. I’ve heard of skipjack further south, and with the warm waters currently present there’s a better than average chance of finding one of these speedsters off the rock shelves.

At sea.

Snapper, flathead, mowong and gummies have all been reported in local reefs and sand patches. We can expect this trend to continue this weekend. If you go boating this weekend, be aware that there is still a lot of airborne debris floating offshore. Keep an eagle eye and stay safe.

We are open all Easter weekend, with no closing days. So if you need anything this weekend, someone will be there to help you with all your fishing, camping, and boating needs.

Don’t forget our website at www.tackleworldmoruya.com.au

Stay safe everyone and remember, “everyday is a good day for fishing”

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