Street closures, parking and tickets to the Bass Pro World Fishing Fair

With an influx of tens of thousands of visitors to Springfield expected for the Bass Pro World Fishing Fair, the city will close nearby streets to help control traffic.

For the duration of the fair between March 30 and April 3, South Campbell Avenue will be closed from Sunshine Street to Cherokee Street – the several blocks in front of the flagship Bass Pro Shop campus.

“The idea is to better manage this giant influx of traffic that we expect, with up to 500,000 people entering our community,” said city spokeswoman Cora Scott.

“The Johnny Morris team contacted us about six weeks ago to let us know about the progress of this amazing event as a community event was last held in 1988. At that time it attracted approximately 250,000 people for the duration of the event. They expect to eventually double the attendance problem depending on the weather,” City Manager Jason Gage said in his bi-monthly report to City Council.

According to Gage, the event is expected to bring more than $80 million in sales to the city.

When is the Bass Pro World Fishing Fair?

“The five-day event will run from March 30 through April 3. It’s Wednesday through the weekend and will include exhibits, vendor seminars, concerts, sales, fishing and NASCAR celebrities and other areas and more,” he said.

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The World Fishing Show is coming to Bass Pro stores March 30-April 3.

Which streets will be closed?

To allow access for emergency service vehicles, some entrances to nearby residential areas will also be closed.

“We will completely close this main artery, and then around the neighborhood we will close all these streets on the Campbell Street side. And residents will be allowed access from Jefferson or the west side to get to their neighborhoods,” said City Public Works designer Joe Hamp.

In addition to emergency vehicle access, these street closures will discourage customers from parking on the street in residential neighborhoods. Residents who need to park on the street will be issued a pass to display on their windshield.

Where can I park? Are there shuttles?

As much of the event will take place in the Bass Pro parking lot, there is only a limited amount of visitor parking available on site. Instead, Bass Pro has contracted satellite parking in nearby areas and will transport guests to the Bass Pro fairgrounds.

These car parks include:

  • Corwin Dodge – 1025W Sunshine
  • Grizzly Tool Warehouse – 1815 West Battlefield
  • Battlefield Mall Sears – 2825 S Glenstone Ave.
  • Battlefield Mall North Lot – 2825 S Glenstone Ave
  • Jordan Valley Parking Lot – 815 E St. Louis Street
  • Parkview Kennedy Stadium – 1333 S Grant Ave
  • Old Toys R’ Us – 1415 Battlefield

For any questions regarding public safety during the fair, residents can call 417 829-6200.

“The goal is to provide as much notice as possible across the city for people to plan their itinerary for the day accordingly,” Hamp said.

How much do the tickets cost ?

One-day general admission tickets are $8 for ages 9-15 and $20 for ages 16 and older. Two-day passes are $10 for ages 9-15 and $25 for ages 16 and up. Three-day passes are $12 for ages 9-15 and $30 for ages 16 and up. Children 8 and under are free.

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