Rangers legend Paul Gascoigne set to star in TV fishing show with David Seaman

Paul Gascoigne is set to team up with his best friend and former England goalkeeper David Seaman to host a TV fishing show.

The former Rangers footballer, 55, is renowned for his love of fishing but has gotten himself into various scrapes over the years with his rod and tackle.

On the first day of Euro 2020 last year, he was dragged from the shores of a lake after falling in the water at Dever Springs Fly Fishing in Winchester.

Seaman, 58, feels Gazza still struggles to sit still and their new venture will test his patience.

He said: “It will be hilarious because he is a handful when he fishes.

“He loves trout fishing but he will cast his fly and if he doesn’t catch a fish within a minute he starts changing his fly and re-casting it.

“His line spends more time out of the water than in it.

“The plan is to film us fishing and chatting for a day initially, although I’m not sure how much fishing will be done.

“It will probably involve him taking the mickey off me and pushing it into the water.”

It won’t be the first time the two have been caught with hook, line and sinker on a fishing lake.

In June 1996, along with then Spurs goalkeeper Ian Walker, they escaped from their training base ahead of the Euro 96 quarter-final against Spain to go fishing in Berkshire. But a snapper took pictures and Gazza went crazy.

Seaman, who has partnered with fishing tackle store Fishing Republic, said the hobby helps him relax.

He said: “It has helped me since I retired. Some footballers find it difficult to do nothing but I go fishing.

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