New World Fishing Skill for PvP and Gold Farming


New World players have only just settled into the MMO, but one is adamant in showing why everyone needs to improve their fishing skills to dominate PvP and farming gold.

There are a few gathering skills that players can choose to develop that will reward them with the ability to farm higher level resources. While players can freely switch between those they want to focus on, fishing should be prioritized.

One Reddit user has been adamant on the New World forums about the benefits of fishing, and he could be right.

This may not seem like the most directly beneficial skill to be maximized. But if you want to thrive in PvP while still having a constant source of gold to farm, then you’ll want to start fishing.

New World Fishing for PvP and Gold

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The New World fishing skill can be increasingly useful for PvP and gold farming.

User ‘BlakeGarrison62’ made it their mission to arm New World players on Reddit with everything they’ll need to know and why they would want to reach Fishing Max level 200.

“People don’t know how much of an influence fishing will have in endgame wars,” they posted. “With certain legendary fish, you can craft fishing trophies for your house with a furnishing skill high enough to greatly increase your chance for fishing.

“Why is this important? Well, every time you get certain Legendary Fish, they can be turned into a food in the kitchen which increases a certain stat by [+40] during 30 minutes.”

According to them, with a sufficiently high level of fishing, you can eventually catch better fish which can be turned into much better consumables. Being able to locate and catch fish like Abaia Serpe, Glowing Gunfish, Ray-Finned Barb and many more can be great food for your PvP party.

In addition, the money you can earn at the Trading Post by selling fish in demand (for quests and the like), as well as residual items, can keep your gold very healthy throughout your game.

How to level up fishing quickly

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Improving your fishing skills in New World will take time, but it can be worth it.

As with most attribute grinds in MMOs, persistence will be key. While strangely satisfying, grinding skills together can get tedious.

Some people have hit the max level in the New World for fishing in about 36 hours, and that’s because they’ve dedicated their entire game to the skill.

To aid you in your ascent, BlakeGarrison62 suggests that you stock up on Firefly baits and “abuse” their sink rate by growing bulrush.

You will then want to find hot spots (knowing better the fish spawning at night). Then go systematically to the next hotspot when the last one fails.

BlakeGarrison62 also reminded New World players that the Max Cast of a pole will relieve tension faster, so it’s best to have the best level possible.

New World is going to be a chore for every new player, so make sure you take minimum steps to achieve your goals, whether it’s PvP domination or harvesting gold.

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