New World: Fishing Leveling Guide


Fishing is one of New World’s five gathering skills, but the best way to level it up might surprise some players.

New World Fishing Guide

New world, Amazon Games’ fantasy MMORPG, is approaching its first month of anniversary. The start of a new MMO is always an exciting time, as players disperse around the world, battle, explore, and craft. New world places special emphasis on its crafting mechanics and gives players 17 trading skills to master.

The commercial skills of New world are divided into collecting, refining and crafting. One of the most useful collecting skills is Fishing, which allows players to catch fish for cooking and arcane recipes. However, to catch the best fish successfully, players will need to increase their fishing skill level.

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How to level fishing in the new world

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Before players can start fishing in Aeternum, they will first need to find a fishing rod or craft one using New worldEngineering skills. Fishing rods come in five different levels, increasing casting distance, tension recovery, and fish scarcity. Players may also want to invest in cooking or looting bait, which increases the chances of catching a rare fish.

Like all collecting skills in New world, all players need to do to earn Fishing XP is go Fishing. There are over 80 fishing hotspots spread across Aeternum Island, and they are ranked according to the rarity of the fish they contain. These nodes can be fished out, in which case they will reappear between 20 and 90 minutes later.

How to Farm Fishing XP in the New World

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While catching any fish will grant XP, the most effective way to level up New world‘S fishing skill may actually surprise some players. Firstly, rarer fish give more XP when caught, as do larger fish, so players should use the best fishing rods and bait they have. However, instead of aiming for 3-star fishing hotspots, players should camp in a quiet 2-star location and stay there even after it disappears.

This technique works because 2-star spots contain around 15-25 fish, while 3-star spots only contain 8-10 fish. Although fish in 3-star spots are more likely to be rare, XP extra for each catch is not enough to counter the number of extra fish players will get from a 2 star.

In addition, 2-star spots reappear faster, allowing for even more efficient XP farming. That being said, players who are simply looking for the best fish in New world rather than the more XP better to move between the 3 star spots on a rotation.

New world is now available on PC.

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