New World Fishing Hotspot not working for some players: is there still a fix?

Can’t catch fish in New World hot spots? Well, several players have reported facing the same. At first, it was difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. Was it a bug? Or did the players do it wrong? New world is one of the most popular open world video games. This is a Massively Multiplayer Online video game developed and published by Amazon Games. Fishing is one of the activities that you will need to complete in the game to complete rewarding quests. However, a small bug in the otherwise easy task made it impossible for players to figure it out. Read this article to learn more.

New World Fishing Hotspot not working for some players: is there still a fix?

Weaver’s Fen’s Secret Fishing Hotspot appears onscreen, but when you fish it it doesn’t grant any bonuses or say you’ve landed there. My fishing level is 71.

Fishing Hotspots can be located inside a Hotspot location in the New World. These are special fishing spots – the chances of catching rare, rare, or legendary fish are high in hot spots. However, according to players, the fishing hotspots are broken / buggy. According to reports, players cannot catch fish or receive activity-related bonuses. As reports of the bug poured in, some players suggested checking to see if the fishing hotspot was depleted. If they are exhausted, players will not see any fish jumping into the water. If you see any fish jumping, you should be able to fish in the hotspot. Here’s what one player had to say –

Hello, the node is exhausted. if no fish jump, it means the hot spot is not active at the time. come back in 30 min to an hour at this location.

However, many players said they couldn’t fish even though the hot spots weren’t exhausted. So how can we solve this problem? It turns out that the hotspot indicator in New World is completely buggy. So when you are in a fishing hot spot, the game will not show you any animation about it. Basically, you can see “Exhausted” even when the access point has been replenished.

Is there still a fix?

Hotspots are broken for me. The animation in the water never changes to tell me the fish have reappeared. He is stuck in the “impoverished” animation. No matter how long I wait, the animation won’t change.

Then I see people appear next to me and they start fishing. I join them and sure enough I get tons of rare fish and chests which means the spot is working but the animation doesn’t refresh for me.

Reconnecting did not solve the problem either

So, we can understand that the fishing hot spots work well mechanically. But, the indicators are buggy. As a result, players become confused and resort to random practices. During the process, some players found a few workarounds. However, as of December 2021, this bug is fixed. The developers fixed the bugged fishing hotspot indicator in update 1.0.5.

Fixed UI notification for landing in a hot spot while fishing. – Patch 1.0.5 patch notes

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