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There are a total of five gathering skills in New World, with Fishing being one of them. Fishing requires a fair amount of knowledge about fishing hot spots, baits, rods, and different levels of fishing. In this New World Fishing guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this skill.

How to fish in the New World

Getting started with fishing is a relatively simple concept. However, it will take some time to get good at it. If you want to get started with your first fishing rod, just follow the steps below.

Get a fishing rod

The first and most essential step required for fishing is finding a fishing rod tool. This tool is available from the first fishing story.

The Fishing Stories are basically quests that start with Fishing with Shields and are assigned by Master Angler Michael Shields to the west of Windsward Settlement.

You will find the fishing rod in the first quest, or you can craft it yourself in the workshop.

Find a place to fish

The next step is to find a body of water, of course. You can also locate these bodies of water in some cities. Once you have located a body of water, approach it then press F3 to take out your rod and your bait.

You can also press R to add Bait to your row. There are different types of bait you can use, but remember that the baits are optional. We’ll discuss baits in more detail later in the guide.

Cast your line

Now hold the left mouse button down to cast your fishing line. Once you have reached a suitable distance, you can release the button. As soon as your line lands, the casting distance and water depth will be displayed.

A large casting distance will make it easier for the fish to come back up when they are fighting. Additionally, if your line lands on an active access point, green text that says “Landing on access point! Will appear instead of the depth. We will discuss hot spots in detail later in the guide.

Hang the fish

As soon as your line is about to be bitten, a message saying “Prepare yourself!” Will appear on the screen. When he says “Hook! »This is when you will click on your left mouse button to hook the fish.

Do it quickly, as it will happen in the blink of an eye without giving you much time to think. The time will be indicated by a colored circle which will run out quickly. If you miss the hook, you will have to re-throw it.

Roll it up

After hanging the fish, a green check mark will appear and the message will say “Reel in”. Hold the left mouse button down to reel and you’ll get 10 Fishing XP and five Character XP for Phishing.

Regulate tension

Watch the blood pressure monitor and release the left mouse button to adjust the blood pressure. Don’t let it go too high, or the line will break.

Different colors will represent the tension in the line. They will go from green to orange then to red with increasing tension.

Collect your reward!

Once the white circle surrounding the blood pressure monitor is complete and the distance is 0.0m, you can stop rewinding the fish.

Fishing bait

Baiting is not necessary to catch fish. There are two types of bait for each type of water. One bait increases your chances of catching bigger fish while the other increases your chances of catching rare fish.

A bonus that comes with using Bait is that it decreases the time taken for a bite.

How to equip baits

You can equip baits with the use of Bait Window. In the fishing window, press R to access the bait window. Remember that you need a specific type of bait in your bag and it can only appear in the bait window.

Select the bait you want, then tap Equip Bait. The window will close and you will find your bait in the fishing mode window. The hook at the top of the window is automatically selected when no bait has been chosen.

Let’s talk about the types of bait.

Freshwater bait

  • Oyster bait: This bait increases your chances of getting bigger freshwater fish. Oyster Bait is obtained by saving oysters.
  • Bait bread: This bait slightly increases your chances of catching rare fish. This bait is in the supply containers.
  • Bait for woodlice: This bait adds a medium amount of boost to the chances of catching rare fish. You will get it by collecting bushes.
  • Firefly bait: This greatly increases your chances of catching rare fish. It can be found after harvesting the bulrush.
  • Clam bait: This adds a medium boost to your chances of catching bigger fish. Save the clams to find this bait.
  • Meat bait: Gives a little boost to your chances of catching bigger freshwater fish. It is made when you cook.

Salt water bait

  • Cheese bait: Adds a slight boost to your chances of catching rare fish and can be found in supply containers.
  • Nightcrawler Bait: A medium boost for catching rare saltwater fish and can be acquired by collecting flint during the day.
  • Glowworm bait: Greatly increases your chances of catching rare fish in salt water. This bait is obtained by collecting flint at night.
  • The taste of fish: This adds a slight boost to the chances of catching bigger fish in salt water. It is also made with the kitchen.
  • Electric Eel Baits: Greatly increases the chances of catching bigger fish in salt water. It is obtained by saving Electric Eels.
  • Snail bait: This adds a medium boost to your chances of catching bigger fish, and you can get it by saving aquatic snails.

New World Fishing Hotspots

Fishing Hotspots in New Worlds are unique pools containing fish that will spawn in specific areas. A fishing hotspot is quite similar to a mining node.

Its diameter is about 2.5 meters and you will see fish jumping out of it. Landing your fishing line in this pond will increase your chances of getting rarer fish.

The rarest, rarest and most legendary fish spawn in these areas. Therefore, these hot spots should be your main fishing spots. The quality of the fish will depend greatly on the type of hotspot.

Hot spot levels

There are three levels for these hotspots.

  • Extended access points (1 star): There are a total of 30 fish in this hotspot, and the respawn time is 15 minutes. The odds for common fish here are 45%, for uncommon fish it is 40%, for rare fish it is 10% and for legendary fish it is less than 5%.
  • Rare hot spots (2 stars): The number of fish is 20 for this location and the respawn time is 35 minutes. The odds for common fish are also zero here. For Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary, the odds are 65, 30, and 5, respectively.
  • Secret access points (3 stars): The total number of fish is 10 with a respawn time of 45 minutes. The odds for Common Fish are zero here, but for Rare, Uncommon, and Legendary they are 70, 20, and 10, respectively.

How to find access points

Another important question about hotspots is where and how to find them? We have the answer.

These locations will appear on fixed locations and will be marked with their levels mentioned above. Additionally, they will appear as areas of shallow water.

One thing to mention here is that when you increase your fishing ability, it also unlocks your ability to track hot spots on your map. You will find them labeled on your map as yellow hexagonal shapes on the water bodies.

Once you have landed your bobber on the hotspots, a message will appear stating “Landing in the hotspot”. If this message does not appear, you are not fishing the hotspot and will not get the bonus that comes with it.

Congratulations! That’s all it takes to catch a fish. You will be rewarded with Fishing XP, Character XP, and of course the fish you just caught. Additionally, catching this fish will help you acquire items such as crafting ingredients, fish oil, and fish fillets.

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