Launch of an all-vegan TV network with free streaming

by Shriya Swaminathan

Activist, award-winning journalist and media mogul Jane velez-mitchell is unstoppable in its mission to educate the masses and create a fair, equitable vegan world. Capitalizing on the undeniable increase in streaming services and the lack of comprehensive coverage on animal rights issues and climate crises, his team launched Unchained television– a 100% vegan streaming TV network featuring plant-based cooking shows, talk shows, breaking news and documentaries on veganism and animal rights.

Unchained television strives to remove access the barricades by offering ALL FREE content that will educate and inspire viewers to become more compassionate, minimize their impact on the planet, and feed on the power of plants. “We provide viewers with engaging content that they cannot get on mainstream television networks. We offer solutions to the main global problems: the climate crisis, deforestation, the extinction of wildlife, hunger and human diseases. People who click Unchained television get a window into a life changing transformation, ”says Jane emphatically.

What can viewers expect?

Disabled by some of your favorites cooking shows that regularly feature animal products? No need to worry with TV unleashed! Viewers Can Enjoy New Season Of The Vegan Cooking Show New day New leader, which has received several distinctions including the prestigious Taste price! Have fun with renowned chefs and your favorite celebrities as you prepare a variety of delicious plant-based meals! You can also find a range of distinguished documentaries that focus on animal and climate issues, such as Earthlings, Vegucated, The Invisible Vegan and Countdown to Year Zero, and more! Unchained television Will also serve as a global digital hub for vegan video content that will bring events of vegans and plants across the globe to your screens.

As the network continues to grow, expect more engaging and fun content. With plant-fueled life taking center stage – from the legendary Met Gala and awards shows to the reopening of Michelin-starred restaurant Eleven Madison Park as exclusively plant-based, now is the time for a 100% vegan network. to disrupt the “mainstream media”. “What could be better than giving viewers information, uncompromising transparency and, of course, entertainment ?!

Unchained television is available as a free downloadable app on your iPhone, Android phone or via Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV device, AndroidTV and LG smart TVs with webOS. Visit for the list with links.


Shriya is a VEGWORLD writer and founder of Nourish by Shriya– its vegan hospitality consulting service which helps local businesses in St. Louis attract vegan customers. She is a mentor with Mentorship for animal activism, enjoys volunteering at The Gentle Barn, Missouri and currently lives in St. Louis with her rescued dog Halley.

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