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The organization lasted almost two years, however, Taree angler Kris Hickson is now in South Africa preparing for the fourth World Sportfishing Championships. Hickson, 32, will be part of an Australian six-man team for the fishing event near Johannesburg. The competition will last 14 days and Hickson understands there will be 14 countries involved. As mentioned, just getting an invitation to the event was, as Hickson said, “complicated.” This involved, among other things, accreditation to a committee sanctioned by the Olympic Games. The paperwork took about two years to work. However, the Australians finally got the green light to travel to South Africa last November and Hickson and his teammates have been preparing ever since. “Now we can’t wait to go out there and fish,” Hickson said before leaving Taree for South Africa at the end of last week. The competition is scheduled to begin on February 9 with the Australians to compete in the Black Bass World Championship. In all there will be six championships decided. This will be Hickson’s first trip to South Africa. He will be fishing in a two-man team with Sydneysider Tom Slater in pursuit of championship honors. Fishing in the Republic will be a new experience for Hickson and he looks forward to the experience and the challenge. “There are two expatriate South Africans on our team and we will be relying on them for information,” Hiskson said. However, the Australians will not be among the favorites for the championship, he said. The host country, he believes, will have the advantage. “I would say the South Africans, with their local knowledge, will be the hardest to beat… they will be the favorites,” he explained. “Usually at these things Americans and Italians are also up there. But we’ll do our best. ” The fishing allowed Hickson to see a lot of Australia and a bit of the world. He has competed in tournaments in South Korea and China as he travels to Malaysia later this year. Hickson has been in the tournament fishing scene for about 15 years. “A friend of dads suggested that I give it a try and that’s how I started,” he said. Related: Hickson’s Number One Bream Angler in Australia These days he fishes between 15 and 20 tournaments a year, with quite a bit of success too – in 2016 he was ranked number 1 in the bream in Australia. That year he won just about everything in the Australian Bream Series. “Patience and practice” is the advice he gave to aspiring fishermen in an interview with Laura Polson in The Times in 2016.


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