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DETROIT, September 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Jasmine Sanders, known for her work on the nationally aired radio and television show DL Hugley, brings her dynamic style, powerful voice and warm spirit to Impact Television Network for a special Covid Town Hall in Color starting Sunday October 3 To 11:30 am EST. “Covid in Color tells me right away that Covid has affected people of color,” Jasmine says, “and I don’t think anyone sees it more than this network.”

The Impact Network is the leading uplifting and positive programming channel for the African American community. The Impact Network is the world’s largest 100% private African American, inspiring television network focused on urban faith, family, positive and impactful lifestyle, culture and entertainment with an impactful imprint of distribution of 93 million homes.

The main objective of Covid in Color is to raise awareness of the effect of the pandemic on the black community both physically and socially and to explore recovery and revitalization solutions for communities of color, especially the black community. .

Covid in color starts airing on Sunday, October 3, 2021, To 11:30 AM Is on the Impact network. Where Jasmine hosts conversations from experts, leaders, influencers, and ordinary people, Covid in Color’s Town Hall segments examine the impact of the pandemic on Afro education, business and healthcare. – Americans. Participants include health professionals, educators, social workers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, etc.

The format of these forums combines studio roundtables with field coverage, where correspondents speak firsthand with ordinary people about their issues recovering from Covid-19.

About the Impact network:

The Impact Network is the world’s largest 100% private African-American television network. It focuses on urban faith, family, positive and impactful lifestyle, culture and entertainment. The Impact Network currently reaches over 93 million cable and satellite TV homes, broadcasting on Dish, Direct, ATT U-Verse, Verizon, Cox, Comcast, Altice, Frontier Cable and Spectrum Charter. More information can be found at Watchimpact.com

Contact: Alaska Calderón

Telephone: 212.518.8033

Email: [email protected]

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