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Jarrett edwards

Jarrett was your typical little boy, loved to fish and be outdoors. Fast forward a few years and Jarrett captures the Colorado State Record for Largemouth Bass. It would be a big deal for anyone, but for the 17-year-old it was the right start he needed. After fishing numerous club tournaments and any other tournament he could get his hands on, Jarrett’s dream came true. He was now part of the ESPN Bassmaster Top 150 series at age 22. At 25, he was the youngest to qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series and was now a professional touring and fishing full time throughout the United States. Then the unexpected happened. During a tournament in Georgia, Jarrett felt a lump above his left collarbone. A few weeks later, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma cancer. He then had a new goal to achieve… to beat cancer. After a year-long battle that forced him to leave the Bassmaster Elite Tour, Jarrett endured several intense months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After the treatments were over Jarrett got the best news of his life, he was now cancer free. Today, he spends several months each year inspiring cancer patients across the country. Using the worst experience of his life to help motivate others through their toughest battles is what Jarrett Edwards is all about.

Along with Jarrett’s near-death experience, this motivated him to fully live out his dream new career in TV media. Now at 38, Jarrett welcomes Jarrett Edwards away. JEO is an award-winning multi-species freshwater fishing show that airs 52 weeks a year in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Over the past decade, the show has focused on the best fisheries and personalities (both fishing and celebrities) to give you the viewer the best fishing information possible. Each show is packed with cutting edge fishing techniques while being filmed in HD and 4K multi-camera production with live underwater divers and aerial videography.

When Jarrett isn’t filming you can find him to be one of the best promoters / educators in the fishing industry with over 60 public appearances a year. With his hands-on approach to light angling, Jarrett has carved out a unique niche for himself in today’s angling world. Jarrett is also the owner / operator of the “Edwards Entertainment” production which specializes in filming the best of underwater video for product demonstration. In addition to filming Jarrett Edwards away, Edwards Entertainment also produces commercials, infomercials, training videos and factory tours. Owner / operator of Operation Outdoors USA, this USA Soldier program is the largest ever delivered to outdoor troops. OOUSA benefits the Lone Survivor Foundation. Board member of the Lone Survivor Foundation, which specializes in outdoor family therapy opportunities for returning soldiers with PTSD and head trauma. (lonesurvivorfoundation.org) A proud husband and father of two amazing children. Faith – Family – Fishing! Co-founder of Blue Water Promotions; the leader in demonstration tank technology with 6 of the world’s largest demonstration tanks on display at major sporting events across the country. H2Oexhibits.com

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