Great Amazonian Fisheries World Rally


The Amazon Fisheries Rally will be held in June. COMING SOON FROM DEEP AMAZON!

The competition is not limited to fishing.

The Amazon River is considered the last unexplored frontier on Earth, it constitutes 1/4 of all river water on the planet and also contains 1/4 of the world’s population of riparian fish. This immense river is home to giant, aggressive and monstrous species of fish that many still ignore. The competition, the intense fishing between human beings and aquatic beings, will take place on this great Amazon. On the one hand, men equipped with bait and knowledge, on the other, fish with their instincts and physical capacities that have survived the great outdoors since ancient times. Giant fish like the Piraíba, which can weigh over 100 kilograms, will be present in the fishery. In the history of fishing, there is still no official record of Piraíba caught with artificial bait.

The rule of competition is to face species of giant fish, aggressive fish and monstrous fish using artificial bait. This is because artificial bait is considered the most honest equipment among fishermen. For 7 days, fishermen from all over the world will challenge 6 types of fish from 4 categories, such as the peacock bass Tucunaré, Pirarucu the biggest fish in the world and Piraíba the biggest fish in the Amazon. The elite fishermen who survive this tough 7-day struggle will deserve to be known as true Amazon River specialists. And the fisherman who wins the competition will receive the official title of “Amazon Fishing Master”, the best in Amazonian fishing.

The competition is not limited to fishing.

The equipment used to fight the giant, aggressive and monstrous fish will also be attractions of the event. If we compare the Amazon Rally to the famous Dakar Rally, the Amazon River replaces the Sahara Desert, fishing gear replaces rally cars and fishermen replace pilots. Which tackle will the professionals of each country use to face the giants of the Amazon? Aquatic monsters are strong and elusive, easily dodging or breaking anglers’ gear. The demands are high in terms of handling, durability, heat resistance, ease of maintenance, etc. There are also the artificial baits, carefully chosen from the countless options that will be used to fight the giants.

Like the Mitsubishi Pajero (driven by Dakar Rally Champion Kenjiro Shinozuka), the Lancia Stratos and the Audi Quattro entered in the rally, we will be attentive to the fishing equipment that will make the competition famous.

The Amazon Fisheries Rally will be held in June.


Aspects that make the Amazon Fishing Rally unique

1. A competition with a variety and originality that only the Amazon River can offer

The competition will be based on the fishing of 6 types of fish including the largest freshwater fish in the world: Pirarucu and Piraíba. It will be the first competition in the world to include 6 types of fish. The inclusion of 2 of the biggest fish in existence makes this competition even more special.

2. All fish must be caught with artificial bait

Participants will have the opportunity to conquer an unprecedented feat: fishing the giant Piraíba with artificial bait. It will be a brutal fishing between man and the emperor of the Amazon River.

3. Amazonian fishing master

The champion of the competition will be honored and receive the title of “Amazon Fishing Master”.

Competition overview

Official name: Great Amazon World Fishing Rally

Dates: June 20 to 27, 2019

Location: State of Goias, Brazil

Organizer: Great Amazon Fishing Rally Association

Co-organizer: Amazon Touch Ltda

Support: Goias State

Sponsorship / Cooperator: Shinko Always Co., EcNA Inc., JET Inc., Keiryu Company

Participants: Teams from 6 countries (estimate)

Main concepts of the competition

1. Promote the sustainability of Amazonian nature

  • Promote environmental awareness around the world through the event

Arouse interest and raise awareness of concern for nature and its protection, by spreading the value and charm of Amazonian nature by showing its strength and variety, to preserve its unique biodiversity for the future of the planet. If we lose it, there is no turning back.

  • Sensitize residents to the environment

Make the competition an opportunity for local inhabitants to realize that their place of life can be a much more precious site in the eyes of the world. Through this perception, our goal is to get as many inhabitants as possible to consider the possibilities and needs of the region, thus linking them to the awareness of protecting precious nature.

2. Development of the best sports entertainment

  • Inheriting the DNA of the Dakar Rally

In order to inherit the passion and DNA (philosophy and concept) of the first edition of the Dakar Rally, we have reinterpreted and established a new perspective on fishing, the main sport against nature. The Amazon replaces the Sahara, the rod and line replace the car and the fisherman replaces the driver. We will replicate the enthusiasm and madness that the rally raid brought to the people.

  • Using the latest and most innovative video technology

Our team, led by a Japanese documentary producer, joined a team that has worked on many Brazilian nature documentaries. Using the latest and most innovative visions aided by technology, we will produce the highest quality images ever seen in a fishing project. We will elevate fishing to the world class level of extreme sports.

3. Contribute to the advancement of human society for the future

An urban city and a rural town, located on either side of the planet, separated by continents, despite the many obstacles and differences between the two, we will organize this world-class event together. Connected hearts are taking shape, it is the society of the future that our event is part of.

  • Participation of women in fishing

In history, fishing has always been associated only with men. To materialize the value that diversity offers us, we will make it a competition with female participation in our organization and our multicultural teams.


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