Global fisheries and aquaculture | WF&A welcomes Quentin Bates to its team


Quentin Bates

World Fishing & Aquaculture is pleased to announce that Quentin Bates is joining the editorial team as a columnist.

Quentin has been fishing in one way or another for longer than he remembers. An early work of weaving trawl wings in a netting store led to visits to fish, scallop and shrimp processing plants and trawlers, both in Iceland and in the UK. United.

He has worked on fishing vessels ranging from a 55 meter factory vessel to a 58 hp inshore vessel, including periods in longline and beam trawl; in roles from deckhand to ship’s cook to mate.

Writing began to take hold while studying ashore for a skipper ticket, and over the course of a gradual process of several years, reporting on fishing became a full-time occupation, initially as a freelance then with 15 years as technical editor of International fishing news before a change in circumstances leads to a return to independent reporting, including for WF&A.

He continues to write and travel, reporting on fishing issues and the technical aspects of gear development, something he sees as a constant learning process as the fishing industry continues to change. and evolve.

Quentin will report on the development of the machines in his short story WF&A “Gear Matters” section in each issue of the magazine.

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