Global fisheries and aquaculture | Teachers turn to WAFIC for education


Chefs Peter Manifis and Don Hancey prepare a wonderful squid risotto for teachers’ lunch

The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council hosted a Professional Development Day (PDD) for secondary school teachers because it has a strong focus on education.

It was designed to help assess the appetite for instruction for home economics and vocational high school students.

John Harrison, Managing Director of WAFIC, said: “We recognize the need to build community support and understanding of the fishing industry if we are to properly help fishermen continue to provide sustainable seafood, fresh and high quality sourced from some of the best in the world. -managed fisheries.

He added: “We are currently developing a pilot program with the help of a fantastic working group of teachers, which will help other teachers and high school students learn more about the sustainability of the commercial fishing sectors, pearl and aquaculture in Western Australia (WA). “

As part of the DP, teachers each received a large poster that showcased some of WA’s underutilized fish species. Celebrity chef Peter Manifis also designed recipe cards to complement the species depicted on the poster.

Teachers are encouraged to consider that the generally cheaper price of underutilized cash makes them more suitable for hands-on classroom cooking lessons.

Rhys Arangio of Austral Fisheries, Steve Davies of Marine Produce Australia and Matt Watson of the Marine Stewardship Council all made a series of presentations during the DP.

“The presentations were designed to increase knowledge about the sustainability and variety of Western Australia’s commercial fisheries and to highlight the industry’s social and economic contribution to the state,” said Mr. Harrison.

He concluded: “It was encouraging to see that our post-DP exit survey of teachers found that they found the presentations to be very informative and they felt their knowledge of the industry had increased dramatically. .

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