Fishing show shoots episode in Nicola Valley

Merritt and the Nicola Valley will be the subject of an episode of the popular outdoor sports show “Fishing the Wild West TV”, in an episode that will highlight the abundance of lakes and fishing opportunities in the region.

The show’s host, Wes David, is an avid outdoorsman. He has been to Merritt before as a professional bull rider, but this is his first time fishing in the area.

“The Nicola Valley is a paradise for trout anglers. We are focusing our attention on rainbow trout,” David said.

” It went very well. We had to deal with weather problems, but no one can control that. The fishing was amazing. We caught some great rainbow trout, and an abundance of them.

David and his crew spent three days in the valley, fishing Stump and Roche lakes. Although his time in the community has been limited, the host and his team are eager to highlight the well-established status of the Nicola Valley as the land of many lakes.

“It will be an episode in its own right and it will air next year. It will be an episode of Nicola Valley showing the amazing fishing here and promoting ‘one lake a day as long as you stay,’ David added. .

In addition to bringing attention to the Nicola Valley, the show seeks to continue to promote the benefits of recreational fishing on environmental conservation efforts and to encourage participation in outdoor activities.

“If you want the kids to be outside and away from video games and TV, take them fishing. It’s so important. Young people are the future of our exterior. I have always said that hunters, fishers, farmers and ranchers are some of the best conservationists.

David says fishing in the Nicola Valley is accessible to all levels of experience and the surrounding scenery only adds to the fun. He and his team focus on education and awareness rather than fishing.

“We don’t weigh or measure. We keep the fish out of the water for a minimum amount of time, our goal is 30 seconds or less.

Using a plethora of fishing methods such as fly fishing, casting, and shore and offshore fishing can create a memorable experience for those who go out and try it, as well as for him and his team.

“We really enjoyed our stay here. Everyone was friendly and happy to see us. We will definitely be back.”

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