What is the world of EstabLife?

In the distant future, the world’s population peaked and then began to decline. Humanity has created AI to manage the ecosystem and launched “human diversification” experiments to ensure the prosperity of its species. They created a diversity of human subspecies, including standard humans, therianthropes and mages, through genetic modification and built many fortified cities called “clusters”, each with their own unique culture. The inhabitants of the clusters are adapted to these diverse environments, where they live under AI surveillance to ensure their survival.

EstabLife is an original blueprint from the mind of Goro Taniguchi. It will unfold a wide variety of stories through an animated television series, smartphone game, theatrical animated film, and more.


“Is your life difficult? Just run away.

In the distant future, humans added therianthropes, cyborgs, mages, and other miscellaneous forms to his existing range of appearances. Tokyo’s neighborhoods have become “clusters”, many areas controlled by AI and surrounded by high walls. The free passage between the clusters has been interrupted and each has developed its own culture and its own vision. People live happily according to the sensitivities of the clusters into which they are born.

But not everyone is able to adapt to life in their own cluster, and there are people who make a living helping them “escape” to other clusters. Those who receive requests from people who want to get away and use any means at their disposal to thwart the AI ​​and make forbidden migration between clusters possible are called “extractors”.

Run, run, run away! This is the story of five extractors who lend a hand to all those who want to escape!

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