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Kelly Jo Hall wins two titles for the rainbow trout she caught at Groundhog Reservoir

An angler from Cortez has just won two world records for the trout she caught at Groundhog Reservoir last summer.

Kelly Jo Hall, who works with Intermountain Wall Systems, Inc., has been fishing since she was 5 or 6 years old. But last year marked a new turning point in angling for her, when the International Game Fish Association awarded her world records for the heaviest catch. captures in two separate line classes.

“I’m just excited to break my own records, and maybe get some bigger ones,” the 52-year-old said.

The two rainbow trout were caught in July at Groundhog Reservoir, just north along Flattop Mountain, one in the 2-pound line class and the other in the 4-pound line class. The 2-pound line category fish weighed 1 pound, 12 ounces, and the four-pound record trout weighed 4 pounds, 5 ounces.

Hall and his partner, Joseph Crosby, are avid anglers. (Their first 10 official dates were all fishing trips.) They travel to Mexico once a year to catch big fish like marlin, but move more regularly around local spots, fishing Summit, Groundhog and Narraguinnep.

“I didn’t know there was such variety,” Hall said.

What’s difficult about these specific line class contests is how easily the fine lines break, Hall said. For each, she had to catch a fish that weighed at least half the weight of the line – so at least 1 pound for the 2 pound line class and a catch of 2 pounds for the fish to count in the 4 – category of book line class.

“To me, that was the epitome of the sport of fishing,” Crosby said. “To do it on the lightest line.”

The pair were aiming for world records, Crosby said, especially since IGFA recently created a women’s category for freshwater fishing records. Many women’s cases are currently open, Hall said, especially since many people don’t want to jump through the hoops required by the association for cases to count, such as sending in a witness statement. and the scale used to measure the fish.

On both occasions, they immediately weighed and measured the trout, as per regulations, with Bonnie Candelaria, owner of Groundhog Lake Park and Campgrounds, serving as a witness.

She caught the trout that won the 4-pound line category on July 4, knocking down a New Zealand woman who previously held that record. The other fish, caught on July 21, took a vacant record spot.

Usually Hall and Crosby release the fish they catch, but these cases were different. Candelaria took the smaller trout to hang up, while the 4-pounder went to a friend’s.

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Repairs the forced drainage of the Groundhog reservoir; no fish catch limit

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