Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell Announces Faces of Rap Mothers® ™ Television Network

The Faces of Rap Mothers® â„¢ Television Network is Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell’s newest entrepreneurial venture on Roku with promising fall lineup

(DailyMusicRoll Editorial): – Washington, DC, District of Columbia, September 5, 2021 ( – Owner, President, Founder and Creator Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell shares it Faces of Rap Mothers® Television Network Fall programming on Roku where more than 50 million viewers can enjoy its promise of a vast series of national programs, Rap Mother and Entertainment Artisan, made up of artists, hosts, followers, fans, friends, family, associates and even crushers and groupies who come together to welcome Candy’s new entrepreneurial venture; the following preliminary programs (Call to station Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network® ) are:

With Candy in her latest entrepreneurial venture, are the Faces of rap moms® Television network key stakeholders, including:

Safer Daily music roll:

President, Founder and Creator of Faces of Rap Mothers® Television Network and Platform Ms. Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell grew up in New York City, NY; a niece of a civil rights leader who worked directly alongside Dr Martin Luther King, Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell, Candy is a longtime innovator whose family has remained rooted in entertainment and political landscapes. She motivates others as CEO of Faces of Rap Mothers® Corporation and is the author of his multi-series books, including Faces of Rap Mothers®, Rap Mothers® Save the Day, Faces of Rap Mothers Fathers Edition®, and Faces of Rap Mothers® presents and is also the CEO, Executive Producer and Casting Coordinator of Black Cash Records Universal, which is a well-received VH1, BET and MT company. A family rights activist for the Alliance of Affiliated Peoples (AP), Ms. DeVore-Mitchell is married and currently resides in California.

Chairman and CEO (CEO) Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network® Ms. Dianna Boss grew up in Los Angeles where his brother, T Bone Reed, was a member of the ROBOT BOYS and danced with Soul Train, he introduced Dianna to Chaka Khan, Snoop Dogg and William Iam among other entertainers. Ms. Boss is a contributor to Faces of Rap Mothers® Series in Book two and Book Four and is also a foster child advocate and has been a foster parent herself successfully raising her adopted children. She appreciates community work and awareness. Today, Dianna focuses on the philanthropic interests surrounding her role with the Faces of Rap Mothers®. She believes in uplifting and empowering people of all colors, beliefs and nationalities. Ms. Boss is single and currently resides in California.

President Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network® and book platform Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry Raised in metropolitan Washington DC and is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Faces of Rap Mothers® Corporation; Author of Book Development 101, Faces of Rap Mothers® Ultimate Guidebook, Halfway to Everywhere – Guide to Carthage, Laughs and Other Considerations, Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses; Desktop Editor and Associate Editor Eisenhower and civil rights and NATO at fifty; Old National Editorial Examiner syndicated columnist; Former union columnist of Fourth State, New Age Philosophies, Washington DC Government Affairs, Washington DC Military Technology, and Washington DC Injured Warrior; Founder and CEO dpInk Ltd. Liability company; Founder and President DonnaInk Publications, LLC; Ghostwriter with credit An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture, Bonds Unbroken (unpublished), Faces of Rap Mothers Fathers Edition®, Faces of Rap Mothers Presents®; Faces of Rap Mothers®, Fiber Channeling, Rap Mothers® Save the Day, Mississippi to Hollywood: autobiography of Nick Payne, selection of biographies and resumes of C-level entrepreneurs, Coach and consultant in image and management; Senior Proposal Writer; Senior Technical Writer; University course developer and instructor New Age Philosophies for Improving Writing; is an accomplished minimalist poet, etc. Ms. Quesinberry is single and currently resides in metropolitan Washington DC.

Vice president Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network® Mrs. Shonta Gibson (Queen G) sister of none other than Tyrese Gibson (i.e. singer, rapper, songwriter, actor and model) grew up in Los Angeles, California. Queen G is the author of D’ZZZ To Success: Best-selling author, E’ZZZ To Success, Get Back Up Again: Shonta Renee Gibson, My Clothes Won’t Go on Me, P’ZZZZ To Success, Queen G Media Course, The C’S To Success, and co-author of Dolly Mix-up, Entrepreneurs Spotlight to Success (From Trials to Triumph), Hood Rich, Majestic Mermaid, My Pet Penguin, My Oncle Is Famous and My Unicorn Cake. Contributor to Faces of Rap Mothers® Volume 1 and Book three with a dedication projector Faces of Rap Mothers® Volume 2, Former editor-in-chief of 77 Review where she interviewed entertainment artists such as Tarajii Henson, Action Crockett, Katt Williams; Founder of Let’s go to work Entertainment; Radio personality at EOTM Radio and director of media and marketing for MJ Own Network. She has a long list of film credits as an actress. Ms. Gibson is also a wife and mother currently residing in Texas.

Director Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network® Mr. Nick Payne grew up in rural Mississippi; he is the author of Mississippi in Hollywood: Autobiography of Nick Payne and founder of Sumthin Nyce Entertainment where he is executive producer and actor is also the creator and designer of Sumthin Nyce Entertainment Footwear. Nick is Executive Producer at Scribe Conversion Media & Publishing Company and Producer, Casting Agent and Actor at Shield-Maiden Productions. He also has a long list of film credits as an actor, producer, and writer. Mr. Payne is single and currently resides in California.

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