Orlando hosts the world’s largest fishing show



ORLANDO – Rest assured that everything to do with sport fishing can be found at the 61st ICAST Show July 11-13 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Over 600 exhibitors at over 2,000 booths representing manufacturers and dealers in the United States and 70 countries make it the world’s largest sport fishing trade show.

The annual Orlando show is open only to dealers, buyers and industry employees, as well as registered members of the media. Attendance is estimated at over 15,000 people. Note that the show is not open to the general public.

Bill Sargent

All exhibits will be in the North Exhibition Hall of the new North-South Hall of the Congress Center.

“Business opportunities abound at ICAST,” said show director Blake Swango. “In essence, this show is about showcasing the equipment, clothing and accessories that help make a day on the water both exciting and rewarding.”

ICAST, which stands for “International Convention of Allied Trades in Sport Fishing,” is produced by the American Sportfishing Association which started the first commercial fishing show in 1953 in Chicago. It became ICAST in 1998.

The show will feature exhibits from 80 fly fishing companies and manufacturers in a section reserved for the International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) show. It will include plastic-covered casting lanes for demonstrations and hands-on casting.

This will be the last year that IFTD will hold its show in collaboration with ICAST. He will be moving to Denver, Colorado for the fall shows in 2019-2020, with the 2019 show scheduled for October 16-18 at the Colorado Convention Center.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is also part of ICAST this year, with its boating-related exhibits also in the north exhibit hall.

All exhibitors have the opportunity to participate in the New Product Showcase competition which will feature hundreds of new equipment and designs in 25 categories of fishing gear, artificial lures, rods and reels, shoes, even sunglasses for n ‘ to name a few. The best of the category will be chosen in each category, with the best of the show going to the big winner.

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All Showcase entries will be displayed for inspection by buyers and voting members of the media. Being voted Best of Category, or better yet, Best of Show, can be an advertising bonus for the winners.

Last year’s Best of Show was the Rover Boat, a 14ft paddle-skiff combination that can be transformed from a stand-up paddle to a motorized single scull.

During these three days, national and international manufacturers are represented in the field by sales forces alongside buyers. Large companies use elaborate private meeting centers built on their booths.

All the big names in the industry gather in the 200,000 square foot lobby. Still others will be small farms across the country looking for buyers of fishing tackle.

In addition to the three-day indoor show, an outdoor On the Water demonstration program will take place on July 10 for registered media editors on the convention center grounds, as well as a fishing tournament and golf tournament on July 10. July 10 for registrants.

The main show will open on July 11 with a state of the industry breakfast.

The show’s officials point out that some 49 million fishermen in the United States generate more than $ 48 billion in retail sales each year with an estimated impact of $ 115 billion on the country’s economy.

If sport fishing were a business, the amount spent by anglers in retail sales would rank No.51 on the Fortune 500 list.

Tripletail, sheep head changes

On July 1, new regulations for tripletail and sheep came into effect in Florida after passage by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Regulations for both species extend to federal waters.

For tripletail, the minimum size limit is increased to 18 inches in total length and only the use of hook and line gear can be used for harvesting. The daily recreational harvest remains at two per person. The previous size limit was 15 inches.

For the head of sheep, the daily recreational harvest limit is lowered to eight per person. The limit was 15.

In March and April, the limit for pleasure boats is 50 fish per boat and per trip.

To learn more about the regulations, go to www.myfwc.com/fishing and click on saltwater fishing.

Waterfowl Summit in Ocala

The Ocala Hilton in Ocala will be the site of Florida’s 9th Waterfowl Summit on August 10.

Co-sponsored by the United Waterfowlers of Florida and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the program will focus on wetland habitat restoration and potable water.

State biologists will be among those speaking on nutrient pollution and invasive species. A full agenda will be announced at a later date.

A reception of wild game will be at the hotel on the evening of August 9.

The welcome and the one-day program will be free with no food and material costs.

Bill Sargent from Melbourne has been writing about sports and the outdoors for FLORIDA TODAY for over 50 years. Contact Sargent at [email protected]


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